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The Elements of Betties: Meet "D"

D is water. D rolls over rocks and slides down mountainsides, she is fluid and necessary, and thoughtful.

D laughs like a babbling brook, her eyes are full of emotions, and her smile is filled with charm.

D only comes to class occasionally, because sometimes she has to go home to be with her father. They have a close relationship, and Betties tends to happen on the days her father has off. You know her father works immensely hard to take care of her.

You relate to D because she makes herself relatable.

D is adaptable, she changes easily to conform to the situation. She makes room for everyone. However, she’ll call you out if you say anything unkind to someone she cares about.

If D was a body of water she would be a hot spring, you know this because of the warmth she gives her friends.

D is only 13 years old, yet you’re able to have honest conversations with her. She already has a grasp on how the world works and what it means to be truly kind to people.

D has told you, “I don’t date because I don’t have time for that, I have school work to do.” You laugh.

D is a Betty. She is compassionate, she cares deeply, and she wants to do right by her friends.

D struggles sometimes with the activities, but she never throws tantrums or pouts when she’s having a hard time.

Instead, she laughs when she falls and gets right back up again. She shrugs her shoulders if she doesn’t always do well at an activity, figuring there will be another one she might like better.

D is water.

By Hannah Nolan, Program Coordinator and After-School Instructor for Betties360

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