We need volunteers to help with a variety of activities that allow us to deliver effective programming to our students. Read the descriptions below for our different committees and the types of volunteer activities that fall under each. We look forward to having you work with our organization.

Fundraising Committee
Our fundraising committee plans a few events each year to help us raise funds to support our after-school programs. The largest fundraiser of the year is our annual Fine Wine & Feather Boas event. If you’re interested in joining the fundraising committee, fill out our volunteer form for this committee.

Grant Writing Committee
Our grant writing committee works on multiple grant opportunities throughout the year. If you have experience in grant writing that you’d like to contribute or if you’d like to start learning we’re open to all levels of experience and interest, fill out our volunteer form for this committee.

Marketing Committee
Our marketing committee can use help with email newsletters, graphic design, photography, social media, website design, and videography. You can view our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (@Bettie360), Twitter, and YouTube. If you are interested in helping with copywriting, content creation, or any other types of marketing fill out the volunteer form for this committee.

Programming Committee
Our programming committee can use help with curriculum development, instruction, and program evaluation. Our curriculum focuses on four core themes: leadership, risk taking, teamwork, and trust. If you have experience developing curriculum in these areas or would like to provide instruction alongside one of our community partners fill out the volunteer form for this committee. We also plan various program evaluation activities each year, including creating surveys, engaging stakeholders, facilitating focus groups, data analysis, and reporting.