Support Betties360

Support Betties360

Our donors, volunteers, and community partners play an important role in the success of our mission to inspire confidence, well-being, and community in girls through action sports, outdoor adventure, and life skill education. Your generous support and contributions of time, leadership, and donations allow us to reach more girls and have greater impact. 

There are many ways to support Betties360 to make lasting impact in our region:



Betties360’s programs are run almost entirely from donations. Our cost-effective programs provide outdoor experiences and life training skills to middle school girls and encourage girls to step outside of their comfort zones by participating in active sports, such as skateboarding, bouldering, and biking. Many of the girls who participate in our programs often do not have access to action sports or outdoor adventures.

Through participating in our program, the girls have many successes, whether large or small, and it’s been incredibly rewarding to watch them encourage one another to try something new—and then to push just a little further. One story from a recent outing particularly embodies these successes:

One of our Bettie girls is struggling with some personal issues at home, but she joined us for a trip to the Lumberyard—and she totally killed it (in the best way possible). She was confident and in control and had a huge smile on her face the entire time.

Yes, this is the magic of Betties. We need your help to continue providing inspiring and life changing experiences to girls—this is a unique giving opportunity, a direct and personal way to affect the life of a young girl.

Everyday Shopping

We have two easy new ways to support Betties360 through everyday shopping. We’re happy to share your purchases at Amazon and Fred Meyers can now benefit the Betties! There is no cost to you and we appreciate your ongoing support of our mission. Learn more and get started

Community Partner

Our programs encourage girls to be courageous and healthy and to always believe in themselves. Sports like mountain biking and rock climbing are the perfect inspiration to challenge and exhilarate. We’re always looking for active people and outdoors lovers who have sport-specific knowledge or skills to add to our unique programs. Love kayaking? What about tennis? Bring us your ideas and expertise.

We’re honored to have an incredible community of businesses to support and help grow our programs. As a business, there are many ways to support us, from corporate sponsorship and outdoor equipment donations (new or used) to in-kind or discounted services at your recreational venues. 


support-pageWe frequently hear, “I love the mission of Betties! How can I get involved?” If you’ve ever wondered just that, we’re happy to say that we have a few volunteer opportunities just for you. You could:

  • Join the Annual Event Committee
  • Be a Program Facilitator’s Aid (or field trip aid)
  • Join our Board
  • Provide Ongoing Marketing Support

Any of these roles sound interesting to you? Drop us a note and let’s talk. Have other ideas for getting involved? We’d love to hear them.

Annual Event

We are working on getting a date for our annual fundraiser – stay tuned!

Betties Gear

We have a limited selection of Betties gear for sale (t-shirts, stainless steel water bottles, buttons, stickers). These items are usually available for sale at our Annual Event. If you’re interested in purchasing them sooner, please contact us directly at

Thank you for your continued support of Betties360 – together, we’re making our communities stronger.