Betties4Life is a pilot program that Betties360 Program Coordinator, Leslie Trabant, ran at Open Meadow High School during the 2011-2012 school year. The primary goal of this course was to empower female students to reach their personal goals during a weekly for-credit class teaching life skills and coping strategies through the lens of physical activity. Each 3-hour class was an opportunity for girls to, #1, engage in a sport or physical activity and, #2, explore via journal-keeping and group discussion how the practice of that activity paralleled some aspect of their lives that might require improvement.

Some of the classes included:

Rock Climbing (Goal Setting)
Yoga (Managing Stress)
Self-defense (Confidence)
Archery (Focus)
Women’s Football (Transcending Stereotypes)
Farm Visit (Consumer Awareness)
Cooking (Nutrition)
Frisbee Golf (Skill Development)
NIA Mindful Movement (Self-expression)
Food Bank Volunteering (Resumé Building)
CPR and Wilderness First Aid (Preparedness)
Bouldering (Trust)

Our measurable objectives for the Betties4Life participants were to:
– Raise attendance rates
– Raise GPA
– Reduce number of disciplinary incidents
– Improve self-reported and peer-reported levels of self-efficacy, leadership capability, and resilience
– Improve female support network at Open Meadow High School

The after the fall semester, the school-reported outcome data is that the participants collectively achieved a 96% school attendance rate and a 100% pass rate for their other courses. Go, BETTIES!