September, 2011 — June, 2012
Weekly, for-credit Betties4Life Course
(Topics Include: Self-defense/Projecting Confidence, Yoga/Stress Management, Archery/Concentration, and Rock Climbing/Goal Setting)
Fall SemesterOpen Meadow HS
BettiesExplore! Overnight Trip October, 2011Opal Creek Wilderness
Fine Wine and Feather Boas Annual EventSaturday, November 12, 2011
Ecotrust Building
Weekly, for-credit Betties4Life Course
(Topics Include: First-aid/Preparedness, and Cooking/Nutrition, Bouldering/Trust, NIA/Self-expression)
Spring SemesterOpen Meadow HS
SnowBetties! Cross-country SkiingJanuary, 2012Mt. Hood
Bikin’Betties! Day TripSpring, 2012Hood River
BettiesRock! Outdoor Adventure Weekend
April, 2012Smith Rock State Park
Surfin’Betties! Day TripMay, 2012Hood River
End-of-year Completion Lunch
June, 2012Cathedral Park
Whitewater & Wine FundraiserJuly, 2012Central Oregon