Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Bettie?

Probably one of our most asked questions! The term originated as surfing lingo to describe a woman who surfs, back when it was a male-dominated sport. At the time, people questioned whether women were capable of successfully navigating the rigors of surfing; those women who did were strong, tough, and brave. We here at Betties360 have evolved the term to include a girl or woman who participates in action sports and outdoor adventures, embodying the characteristics of those early female surfers.

What's your mission?

Our mission is to inspire confidence, well-being and community in girls through action sports, outdoor adventure, and life skill education. Learn more Betties360 and our Theory of Change.

How many girls do you reach yearly?

During the 2012-13 school year we had a total of 126 participants ranging in age from 9-to-13 years old. In cooperation with our community partner, Girls Inc. of NW Oregon, we utilized two different program models. We supported four day-trip adventures that were open to all girls in about 25 different Portland public schools. And we successfully implemented five 10-session after-school programs—approximately 50 sessions in all—that empowered girls to plan and prepare for outdoor excursions of their choice.

How did Betties360 start?

Two inspiring women—Kristen Wright and April Snyder, founded Betties360 in 2007. They were both active in sports growing up, had a love for the outdoors, and realized how important action sports were to their childhood and confidence. Read more about them and what inspired them to start Betties360.

How can I get involved in Betties360?

There are many ways to get involved with Betties360—and we’d love your help! Opportunities exist in areas from the sponsorship of a girl to donating equipment or becoming a program advisor. And let’s not forget about staying in style with the purchase of “official” Bettie Gear. Interested? Learn more and check out our Support page for details.

Tell me about the “I’m a Bettie!” campaign

“I’m a Bettie” is a campaign designed to empower and encourage women everywhere to pursue their interests and dreams. Whatever empowers and excites you, we want to hear about it; better yet, we want to see you in action! Send us a photo of your favorite “Bettie moment” for our Gallery and join the Bettie movement today.

How are you funded?

We are funded through a variety of ways, including community grants and generous donations (including in-kind). We rely on a volunteer-run Board and a dedicated Team, as well as countless volunteers to keep Betties360 moving forward. One of our biggest fundraisers is our annual fundraiser event, a celebration to support our programing and organization. If you like what we do at Betties360, please consider making a donation toward our 2014-2015 adventure programming for girls.

Who are your community partners?

We’re very lucky to have dedicated community partners who share our mission. We are currently working with Girls Inc. of Northwest Oregon and Jason Lee middle school, and we are proud of our longtime partnership with Open Meadow, a North Portland school that re-engages disconnected youth in their education, providing academic and support services to those at high risk of dropping out of school. We’re always looking for more partners that will benefit our programs and girls in our region. Please contact us if you are interested.