Betties360 Board of Directors


Stephanie Kaplan, Chair

Stephanie strives to spend as much time as possible in nature to feed her body, mind and spirit. As a naturopathic physician, movement and nature-time are often part of her holistic treatment plans. Stephanie loves to experience the great outdoors at home and abroad, and feels fortunate to have been exposed to backpacking as a young adult. Every trip continues to be formative, and she is driven to share this potential with girls in Oregon through Betties360.

Carrie McCormick

Carrie McCormick, Vice Chair

Carrie joined Betties360 in the summer of 2011. When she’s not out playing and sharing the outdoors with others, she works as a midwife, teacher, and material health advocate. She is the VP of Skillful Means, Inc., an international consulting group and holds a Masters of Public Health (MPH). Carrie also serves on the boards of The African Bride Collective and Birthingway Midwifery College. She’s spent many years working overseas, including two years for the Matoso Clinic, a primary care facility in South Nyanza, Kenya, and in Senegal supervising and training local midwives. She’s also worked for the Breckenridge Center for Outdoor Education in Colorado. She’s the primary caregiver to a 17 year-old daughter and is a relentless cold water surfer.


Jessica Shear, Interim Treasurer

Jessica would guess that 70% of her favorite, most memorable moments have taken place outdoors. Jessica likes doing most anything outdoors, from walking the dog to watching a sunset to eating brunch to practicing yoga to hiking, biking and kayaking. Jessica loves to learn and grow, particularly as part of a supportive community. She is grateful for the many opportunities she has had to learn, grow, and spend times outdoors. She is happy now to help create similar opportunities for girls and experience more of the same herself as a Betties360 Board member.

Kristen Chase

Kristen Chase, Secretary

Kristen was born and raised in Kansas and moved to Oregon after graduating college. She has always enjoyed an active lifestyle and was drawn to Oregon for the amazing nature and outdoor lifestyle. Kristen enjoys running and is working her way up to her first full marathon. She is a Financial Analyst and received her degree in Spanish with a Minor in Business from the University of Kansas. Kristen got involved with Betties360 because she is passionate about providing young women with the opportunity to go on adventures and find strength in themselves through pushing limits.


Jackie Brenner

Jackie grew up in the least likely environment for an outdoorsperson – urban Los Angeles. As a teenager, she didn’t think she could be a scientist until she was encouraged by a high school teacher. She took to environmental science and spending time outside understanding to understand what she exactly she strove to protect. She went on to get a B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from University of California –  Santa Cruz and a M.S. in Environmental Sciences – Water Resource Science and certificate in Geographic Information Systems from Oregon State University. Today she is an Environmental Scientist for Stantec Consulting, Inc. Along the way she learned to love hiking, snowboarding, yoga, backpacking, trail running, scuba diving, kayaking, and most recently, mountain biking. She’s excited to help share the excitement and empowerment of the outdoors and action sports with the girls of Betties360.



Ashlan Glazier-Anderson, Marketing and Communications

Ashlan was born in Hawaii and moved to Oregon at age 10. As a child she loved the ocean and outdoors. Moving to Oregon was a big shock with the changes in weather and different kinds of outdoor and action sports; she wishes that she would have had an organization like Betties360 to introduce her to Oregon’s outdoor adventures.  She is a graduate of Portland State University with a degree in Business Administration Marketing and is completing post-baccalaureate coursework in digital marketing. She enjoys hiking, camping, and trips to the coast. She’s excited to bring her knowledge of marketing and communications to help the Betties.   


Chelsea Kemp

Chelsea is a born and raised Oregonian who began kindling her love of the outdoors at an early age. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest has given her the unique opportunity to take advantage of all the outdoors has to offer, and she couldn’t imagine life any other way! She spends her spare time hiking, camping, kayaking, swimming, skiing, and snow shoeing. She graduated from University of Portland with a degree in Civil Engineering and works as a Transmission Line Engineer in Portland. Working in a male dominated field has ignited a passion for mentoring young girls to push boundaries and realize their full potential in whatever path they take and she is excited to bring that passion to Betties 360! 


Katherine Petersen

Katherine is a southern California native that moved to Oregon in 2009 to pursue new adventures.  As a nurse, Katherine recognizes the important connection between physical activity and overall health.  As a passionate traveler and adventurer, Katherine plans on continuing to explore as many countries as possible.  When she is not traveling, Katherine loves eating breakfast, listening to music, hiking, being in the sun, working out, dancing, and reading.  Katherine attended a Betties360 fundraising event in 2015 and fell in love with the organizations and its message.  She joined the Board of Betties360 in 2017 because she believes in the importance of young women realizing their strength and value early in life. 

 Shana Davis

Shana Davis Barnes, Member at Large (past President)

Shana began her adventures at a young age, tackling acrobatic sports such as gymnastics and springboard diving. After living in both New York City and rural Japan, her love for rock climbing brought her to Portland, Oregon. She was introduced to the Betties at a local fundraiser, volunteered as a mentor on the 2008 BettiesRock! trip, and suddenly found herself completely inspired by the magic of Betties360. Shana created the website, and loves to hit The Circuit Bouldering Gym with anyone who’d like to try climbing.

Advisory Team

  • Peter Carty, MD – Kaiser Permanente
  • Lori Davidson – SAGE Ambassador
  • Erin Fitzgerald – Former Board President
  • Michele Taylor – St. Mary’s Academy