Betties360 Board of Directors


Erin Fitzgerald, President

Erin has been a board member since August 2011 and the board President since September 2015. She is excited about the opportunity to be at the helm of this inspiring organization. Since a child, Erin always preferred being outside; as an adult, she feeds her love for the outdoors and athleticism through trail running, yoga, tennis, and adventure travel. Her favorite race is the Pikes Peak Marathon in Colorado, a challenging trail run that exceeds 14,000 feet in elevation. And of course, she can’t wait to take a Betties group out on a long (or even short), muddy trail run.

Carrie McCormick

Carrie McCormick, Vice President

Carrie joined Betties360 in the summer of 2011. When she’s not out playing and sharing the outdoors with others, she works as a midwife, teacher, and maternal health advocate. She is the VP of Skillful Means, Inc., an international consulting group and holds a Masters of Public Health (MPH). Carrie also serves on the boards of The African Birth Collective and Birthingway Midwifery College. She’s spent many years working overseas, including two years for the Matoso Clinic, a primary care facility in South Nyanza, Kenya, and in Senegal supervising and training local midwives. She’s also worked for the Breckenridge Center for Outdoor Education in Colorado. She’s the primary caregiver to a 14 year-old daughter and is a relentless cold water surfer.

 Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller, Treasurer

Rebecca loves being involved in her community and participating in sports. From a young age, she’s been involved in a variety of sports including swimming, cross country, gymnastics, martial arts, ice skating, cheerleading, rock climbing, and crew. She shared her passion for sports by starting an Outdoors Page in her college newspaper, as well as teaching fitness classes and serving as a personal trainer. Rebecca’s team spirit, enthusiasm, and keen attention to numbers are a great fit for Betties, and landed her the role as Treasurer.

 Anne-Marie Gorbett

Anne-Marie Gorbett, Business Development

Anne-Marie has always loved camping and outdoor adventures. She enjoys hiking, whitewater rafting, scuba diving, sky diving, and snowboarding. She wants to make a difference in girls’ lives and Betties360 seems like the perfect fit! She’s a certified public accountant and wants to use her role and experience to partner with businesses who are in-line with the organization’s vision. She’s also a big foodie and loves to travel around the world.

 Kristen Chase

Kristen Chase, Secretary

Kristen was born and raised in Kansas and moved to Oregon after graduating college. She has always enjoyed an active lifestyle and was drawn to Oregon for the amazing nature and outdoor lifestyle. Kristen enjoys running and is working her way up to her first full marathon. She is a Financial Analyst and received her degree in Spanish with a Minor in Business from the University of Kansas. Kristen got involved with Betties360 because she is passionate about providing young women with the opportunity to go on adventures and find strength in themselves through pushing limits.


Brenda Lorda, Marketing Coordinator

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Brenda has never not owned a pair of hiking shoes…or running shoes…or even tap shoes! From team sports to the performing arts to adventures in the Great Outdoors, she has been blessed with amazing opportunities to live an active life, and she continues to engage in new adventures whenever possible—even when those new adventures terrify her. Her greatest hope for her work with Betties360 is that she can encourage and inspire young women to face their own fears and to embrace the unknown. And yet, as a former Betties360 volunteer and facilitator, she knows that it’s really the young Betties who will continue to encourage and inspire her.

 Shana Davis

Shana Davis Barnes, Member at Large (past President)

Shana began her adventures at a young age, tackling acrobatic sports such as gymnastics and springboard diving. After living in both New York City and rural Japan, her love for rock climbing brought her to Portland, Oregon. She was introduced to the Betties at a local fundraiser, volunteered as a mentor on the 2008 BettiesRock! trip, and suddenly found herself completely inspired by the magic of Betties360. Shana created the website, and loves to hit The Circuit Bouldering Gym with anyone who’d like to try climbing.

Stephanie Konesky

Stephanie Blecker, Member at Large

Steph was born and raised in Montana and has a great love and appreciation for the outdoors and exploring its beauty while hiking, horseback riding, snowboarding, and snowmobiling! She is an attorney and Certified Public Accountant and is excited to join the Betties board and help further the goals of this remarkable organization. She loves to cook and entertain, and you can often find her hiking one of her favorite trails in the gorge and enjoying the waterfalls and viewpoints at sunset.


Advisory Team

  • Peter Carty, MD – Kaiser Permanente
  • Stephanie Kaplan, ND – Passiflora Health
  • Lori Davidson – SAGE Ambassador
  • Michele Taylor – St. Mary’s Academy