Board of Directors

Betties360’s Board of Directors is a working board composed of a group of amazing volunteers who are deeply connected to Betties360’s mission to inspire confidence, well-being and community in girls through action sports, outdoor adventure, and life-skill education. Read more about their education, experience, and passion in the bios below.

Ashlan Glazier-Anderson, Board Chair
Ashlan was a member of the American Marketing Association Portland chapter’s Agency program project team, who assisted Betties360 with marketing strategy from November 2016 to May 2017. In February 2017, she joined the Board of Directors and became Vice Chair a year later in February 2018. She is graduate of Portland State University (PSU) with a degree in Business Administration Marketing. She’s enjoyed the opportunity to share her knowledge and passion for marketing and communications with Betties360. Beyond volunteering with Betties360 she works full-time as the National Manager of Marketing and Online Fundraising for a nonprofit organization Friends of the Children. She is also received a Certificate in Nonprofit Program Evaluation from the PSU Nonprofit Institute in June 2018 and a Master’s of Strategic Communications from the University of Oregon, Portland campus in June 2019.

Jackie Brenner, Vice Chair
Jackie grew up in the least likely environment for an outdoorsperson – urban Los Angeles. As a teenager, she didn’t think she could be a scientist until she was encouraged by a high school teacher. She took to environmental science and spending time outside understanding to understand what she exactly she strove to protect. She went on to get a B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from University of California – Santa Cruz and a M.S. in Environmental Sciences – Water Resource Science and certificate in Geographic Information Systems from Oregon State University. Today she is an Environmental Scientist for Stantec Consulting, Inc. Along the way she learned to love hiking, snowboarding, yoga, backpacking, trail running, scuba diving, kayaking, and most recently, mountain biking. She’s excited to help share the excitement and empowerment of the outdoors and action sports with the girls of Betties360.

Stephanie Kaplan, Past Board Chair
Stephanie strives to spend as much time as possible in nature to feed her body, mind and spirit. As a naturopathic physician, movement and nature-time are often part of her holistic treatment plans. Stephanie loves to experience the great outdoors at home and abroad, and feels fortunate to have been exposed to backpacking as a young adult. Every trip continues to be formative, and she is driven to share this potential with girls in Oregon through Betties360.

Kelli Spencer, Treasurer
Kelli was born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii and moved to Oregon with her children in 1996. She is currently an accounting student at Portland Community College and hopes to complete her bachelor’s in accounting at Portland State University. She has always had an interest in working with groups that help women and children and was introduced to Betties360 through her daughter Ashlan who also serves on the board of directors. When her children were younger she volunteered at their elementary and middle schools. Her other interests include reading, travel, and video games.

Krista Harper, Development Director
Krista is a nature lover, cyclist, hiker, and tree climber. She was born in beautiful British Columbia, where she first fell in love with the outdoors. After many adventures, including several cross-border and cross-continent moves, she and her partner chose Portland to be their permanent home in January 2017. Over the years, Krista has enjoyed working and volunteering for many non-profits, including a community radio station, a fruit gleaning project, and a cycling education program. Her day job is as the Volunteer and Development Coordinator at Clackamas Service Center, a social service organization. Krista believes wholeheartedly that every kid should have access to nature and outdoor adventures, and is thrilled to support the transformative programs Betties360 offers young women in Portland. She joined the Betties360 board in July 2017.

Margueritte de Laurier, Secretary
Margueritte de Laurier has lived her life traveling the world harnessing a passion for our environment, outdoor recreation, sports, culture and community empowerment. She was born in Finland followed by formative years traveling between Brasil, Manhattan and Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a degree in International Political Economics and Business. While international affairs and uniting international cultures was an academic passion, her love for the outdoors and snowboarding ultimately led her to a career to match her lifestyle at Red Bull. Five years ago her career with Red Bull brought her to Portland where she has enjoyed establishing roots with her friends and community. Margueritte’s career with Red Bull has lasted over 12 years where she has been responsible for marketing, leading teams, planning events, managing sales and corporate partnerships. When she is not working on Red Bull projects you can find her staying active with travel, yoga, rock climbing, dirt biking, mountain biking, and snowboarding. Margueritte is deeply connected to the Betties360 mission and can relate to the impact our programs can make on the future well being of the girls we support.

Carrie McCormick, Member-At-Large
Carrie joined Betties360 in the summer of 2011 and has previously served as Vice Chair of the board. When she’s not out playing and sharing the outdoors with others, she works as a midwife, teacher, and maternal health advocate. She is the VP of Skillful Means, Inc., an international consulting group and holds a Masters of Public Health (MPH). Carrie also serves on the boards of The African Bride Collective and Birthingway Midwifery College. She’s spent many years working overseas, including two years for the Matoso Clinic, a primary care facility in South Nyanza, Kenya, and in Senegal supervising and training local midwives. She’s also worked for the Breckenridge Center for Outdoor Education in Colorado. She’s also a relentless cold water surfer.

Katherine Petersen, Member-At-Large
Katherine is a southern California native that moved to Oregon in 2009 to pursue new adventures.  As a nurse, Katherine recognizes the important connection between physical activity and overall health.  As a passionate traveler and adventurer, Katherine plans on continuing to explore as many countries as possible.  When she is not traveling, Katherine loves eating breakfast, listening to music, hiking, being in the sun, working out, dancing, and reading.  Katherine attended a Betties360 fundraising event in 2015 and fell in love with the organization and its message.  She joined the Board of Betties360 in 2017 because she believes in the importance of young women realizing their strength and value early in life.

Kelsey Hough, Member-At-Large
Kelsey was born in Portland, OR but grew up in Northern California. She spent most of her childhood playing and watching sports and is a huge bay area sports fan! When she became an undergrad at the University of Oregon, she realized she could turn her love of sport into a career. After graduating with a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Sports Business she found herself back in Portland (after a year-long internship with Cal) working for the Portland Timbers in Corporate Partnerships. After nearly 7 years with the Timbers, and picking up an MBA along the way, she took her talents to adidas in 2017 where she is now a Sports Marketing Manager in Soccer. Outside of work, Kelsey loves going to Oregon Duck football games, skiing, playing softball, hiking, and working out. She also enjoys frequent trips to Bend, OR where her parents now reside. Kelsey is excited to share her love of sports with the girls of Betties360!

Advisory Board

  • Peter Carty, MD – Kaiser Permanente
  • Shana Barnes – NIKE
  • Lori Davidson – SAGE Ambassador
  • Michele Taylor – St. Mary’s Academy