Who We Are…


In case you haven’t noticed, we’re absolutely wild about the idea of girls growing up confident, resilient, and empowered to do, well, whatever it is that they dream of doing! 

We as an organization seek primarily to:

• Deliver a creative and cost effective way to provide outdoor experiences and life skill training to girls.

• Provide the Portland community with opportunities to share valuable outdoor experiences with girls who may not otherwise have access.

• Empower adolescent girls to be healthy, successful, and engaged members of the Portland community.

The way we do this is illustrated here:


 Theory of Change Graphic

Our programming affects up to 140 participants each year, and the primary measurable objectives for individual participants are to: raise school attendance rates, improve academic GPAs, improve positive support networks, lower disciplinary incidents, and improve self-reported and peer-reported levels of self-confidence and self-efficacy.