Bett*ie: /bet”ty/ n.
A girl in action sports; a girl skateboarder or snowboarder. See also: courage, strength, tenacity, adventure.


Calling all Betties! Whatever empowers and excites you, we want to hear about it. Better yet, we want to see you in action! Send us a photo of your favorite “Bettie moment” for our photo gallery.

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Half of all girls who participate in some kind of sport experience have higher than average levels of self-esteem and less depression.
–Ms. Foundation for Women

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire confidence, well-being and community in girls through action sports, outdoor adventure, and life skill education. We encourage our girls to be courageous and healthy, and to always believe in themselves. Sports like mountain biking and rock climbing are the perfect inspiration, as they create just the right balance of challenge and exhilaration. We think it’s time to see more ladies—of all shapes, sizes and abilities—building strength and self-confidence while rippin’ it up on water, snow, trail or rock!

Betties360 offers day trips and 10-session after school programs in windsurfing, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking and back-country snowshoeing. Check out our Calendar page for this year’s upcoming events!

If you would like to support our mission, please view our online list of support options and e-mail us at info@betties360.org. We look forward to hearing
from you!



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Recent News

Our Fine Wine & Feather Boas fundraiser is coming up on March 12 and we’d love for you to join us! It’s celebration to support programming that inspires confidence, well-being, and community in girls through action sports, outdoor adventures, and life skill education. Learn more and register.

The Betties recently took a group of girls to new heights! We spent the day rock climbing at the Mazama Center in SE Portland! Check out the fun and our pictures here.